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Article published the July 14, 2021:

The Potential of Guanidino Acetic Acid to Reduce the Occurrence and Severity of Broiler Muscle Myopathies

INTRODUCTION Genetic selection in poultry has progressed continuously since the early 1960s, resulting in faster growth rates and higher meat production (Havenstein et al., 2003a,b). Over the past 60 years, bo...
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Edgar O. Oviedo-RondónHernan Alejandro Córdova
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Article published the July 13, 2021:

Heat stress and fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome in poultry

The liver is a key organ for the health and productivity of poultry and plays a significant part in the digestion, metabolism and utilization of nutrients. The liver is involved in the metabolism of fats, ca...
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Article published the June 28, 2021:

Is Range Usage at the Onset of Egg Production Associated with Tibial Bone Mineral Density at the End of Lay?

Osteoporosis in laying hens is of health, welfare, and economic concern. During the onset of lay, hens rapidly build up the amount of medullary bone which has less structural integrity instead of structural bon...
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Dr Isabelle RuhnkeManisha KolakshyapatiTerence Sibanda
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Article published the June 15, 2021:

Path to the 100 Week Age Layer Hen in Cage Free Systems

I. INTRODUCTION Right now, there are two different models of production in the world and they are based on the income of the people. We have 7% of the population that lives on more than US$50 per day (Pew Rese...
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Xabier Arbe Ugalde
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Article published the May 11, 2021:

Physicochemical Properties and Consumer Acceptance of Hamburgers Processed with Chicken Meat Affected by Wooden Breast Myopathy

1. Introduction The world’s chicken meat production has grown markedly in the last few decades, with a 3% increase estimated for 2020 in relation to the 95.5 million tons produced in the year 2019 [1]. T...
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Aline Giampietro GanecoErick Alonso Villegas CayllahuaHirasilva BorbaJuliana LolliRodrigo Fortunato de Oliveira
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Article published the March 29, 2021:

Oral lesions not associated with Mycotoxins

Oral lesions in chickens can be caused by trichothecene mycotoxins (for example T2) but there are other causes including any contact toxins (CuSO4), excessive CuSO4 and physically rough forms of particulate Cal...
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Chris Morrow
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Article published the March 3, 2021:

Evaluation of Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue and Bone Mineralization on Broiler Chickens Affected by Wooden Breast Myopathy

INTRODUCTION The domestic chicken has been an essential animal model and constitutes a remarkable source of high-quality protein for humans (Stern, 2005). Within the last 60 years, genetics of the domestic chi...
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Barbara MallmannCasey OwensGuillermo TellezJuan D LatorreLeopoldo H. Paasch MartínezMikayla Francis Ann BaxterSami DridiWalter BottjeXochitl Hernandez
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Article published the December 14, 2020:

Physical Form of Diet Influence the Liver Function, Blood Biochemistry, and External Body Measurements in Broiler Chickens Exposed to Carbon Tetrachloride Toxicity

Introduction With the expansion of the commercial broiler chicken industry, metabolic disorders have become emerging serious hazards in bird’s health and profitability (Savard et al., 2013). Fatty liver,...
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fatememasouri babak
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Article published the November 19, 2020:

Growth promotion and alleviation of chronic intestinal inflammation by Lumance® in broilers under a dietary challenge

Highlights of this research Chronic Inflammation means losses and can cause a reduction in growth up to 30% Chronic gut inflammation often seen in field conditions is due to the synergistic & additive...
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Christos GougouliasDr. Alireza KhademDr. Milena SevastiyanovaMarkella Al Saifi
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Article published the November 4, 2020:

Avian Liver: The Forgotten Organ

1. Introduction Similar to mammals, the liver in birds is involved in an array of metabolic and homeostatic functions and considered as a biochemical factory responsible for most of the synthesis, metabolism, ...
Author/s :
Aaron CowiesonFifi ZaefarianReza AbdollahiVelmurugu Ravindran
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