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Article published the February 4, 2021:

Presence of Campylobacter Spp. in Whole Chickens and Viscera Marketed in The Municipality Girardot, Aragua State, Venezuela

1. Introduction The process of industrialization of the poultry sector has achieved a high degree of automation, however, such progress does not translate into an improvement in the quality of the meat, rather...
Author/s :
Héctor Bracho Espinoza
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Article published the February 1, 2021:

The application of dual-energy X-absorptiometry to nutrition and yield dynamics research in poultry

Author/s :
Antonio BeitiaCraig Nelson CoonDiego MartinezJordan WeilKatie HiltonNawin SuesuttajitPramir Maharjan
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Article published the January 8, 2021:

Effects of Mixed and Separate Gender Feeding on the Growth Performance Indices and Carcass Characteristics of Korean Native Chicken from day 1 to day 35 post-hatch

Author/s :
Oketch Elijah Ogola
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Article published the January 7, 2021:

Prevalence and Genotypic Analysis and Antibiotic Resistance of Salmonella Species Isolated from Imported and Freshly Slaughtered Chicken

Introduction Salmonellosis is a significant global public health issue and causes high morbidity rate and has a significant economic impact. Foodborne diseases persist in many countries and consider the most i...
Author/s :
Wael Elfeil
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Article published the December 10, 2020:

Shelf Life Assessment of Fresh Poultry Meat Packaged in Novel Bionanocomposite of Chitosan/Montmorillonite Incorporated with Ginger Essential Oil

1. Introduction Poultry meat is considered a healthy source of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), especially the omega (n)-3 fatty acids [1], and still ...
Author/s :
Ana Luísa Fernando
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Article published the October 20, 2020:

A Dietary Sugarcane-Derived Polyphenol Mix Reduces the Negative Effects of Cyclic Heat Exposure on Growth Performance, Blood Gas Status, and Meat Quality in Broiler Chickens

1. Introduction Heat stress (HS) has undesired effects on the growth performance [1,2] and meat quality [3] of broiler chickens. During HS, chickens seek to dissipate unwanted and excess body heat by increasin...
Author/s :
F.R. DunsheaMajid ShakeriRobyn WarnerStuart Wilkinson
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Article published the October 9, 2020:

Current Status of Poultry Meat Abnormalities

Introduction With an average of 314.2 kg/capita consumed per year worldwide, poultry meat is the most widely eaten type of meat in the world (OECD, 2019). Poultry production and consumption have increased subs...
Author/s :
Massimiliano Petracci
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Article published the October 6, 2020:

Use of Foaming Disinfectants and Cleaners to Reduce Aerobic Bacteria and Salmonella on Poultry Transport Coops

1. Introduction Transportation coops have been shown to be a vector for cross-contamination during the 3–12 h transportation and holding period that occurs before birds are processed [1]. These coops con...
Author/s :
Carolee HinojosaDavid CaldwellMorgan Farnell
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Article published the September 24, 2020:

An IoT Platform towards the Enhancement of Poultry Production Chains

1. Introduction The population of the world is growing at exponential rates and, according to United Nation’s Revision of World Population Prospects https://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp/), it is projected to...
Author/s :
Iker Esnaola
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Article published the September 7, 2020:

Bacteriophages to Control Campylobacter in Commercially Farmed Broiler Chickens, in Australia

Introduction Campylobacter infection is one of the most frequently reported causes of food-borne enteritis in Australia and worldwide (Kaakoush et al., 2015). Australia began a National Notifiable Disease...
Author/s :
Nalini Chinivasagam
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