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Article published the February 11, 2020:

Effect of breed and density on growth performance and carcass traits of two broiler breeds

Introduction The improvement of genetic selection and management practices are increased dramatically for the last decades (Kryeziu et al., 2018), stocking density of broilers is one of the major factors that...
Author/s :
Basheer Nusairat
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Article published the January 3, 2020:

Dietary starch to lipid ratios influence growth performance, nutrient utilisation and carcass traits in broiler chickens offered diets with different energy densities

Introduction The influence of protein and energy on growth performance and carcass traits in broiler chickens have been intensively studied in the literature and the investigation is ongoing because the perfor...
Author/s :
Dr Sonia Yun LiuDr. Peter SellePeter Chrystal
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Article published the December 30, 2019:

Reduction of calcium levels in rations supplemented with vitamin D3 or 25-OH-D3 for broilers

Introduction Calcium is an essential nutrient to the body of birds, as it participates in several biochemical functions and in bone formation. The deficiency of this mineral can cause damages; thus, it is esse...
Author/s :
Amanda Dione Silva Gladstone BrumanoJorge CunhaJuarez DonzeleLuiz Fernando Teixeira AlbinoRita Flávia Miranda de OliveiraRodrigo De Freitas Jacobtarciso tizziani
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Article published the December 4, 2019:

Facts on detection capabilities for X-ray systems based on chicken bone composition variations

Introduction This presentation provides an explanation of why some bones can be detected by X-ray inspection, whilst others cannot. It also highlights the effects and benefits of accessing the lower part of th...
Author/s :
Joergen Rheinlaender
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Article published the September 18, 2019:

Foodborne diseases of poultry and related problems

Introduction In spite of significant improvements in technology and hygienic practices at all stages of poultry production in developed countries, accompanied by advanced improvement in public sanitation, food...
Author/s :
Hafez Mohamed
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Article published the July 18, 2019:

Effect of economase replacing vitamin E and selenium on growth performance and meat quality of broilers

Introduction It is well known that any molecule with an atom that contains a single unpaired electron in its outer orbit is termed an oxidant. These atoms are unstable and have a strong attraction for the elec...
Author/s :
Dr. Özcan YüceltProf.Dr.Hasan Kutluyusuf uzun
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Article published the June 18, 2019:

Optimal dietary arginine levels in modern broiler chickens

Introduction Dietary arginine supplementation higher than the recommended levels was shown to improve broiler performance (Murakami et al. 2012; Xu et al., 2018; Zampiga et al., 2018). It suggests that arginin...
Author/s :
Iván Camilo Ospina-RojasLyssa OtaniRamalho Rodrigueiro
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Article published the June 3, 2019:

Six Ways Blockchain is Being Used in Food and Agriculture Supply Chains

The blockchain community has come a long way over the past couple of years. We have moved from a focus on cryptocurrencies to a wider understanding of different ways we can leverage blockchain technology across...
Author/s :
Alicia Noel
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Article published the February 28, 2019:

Serotyping and Genotyping of Salmonella Strains Isolated from Broilers, Chicken Carcasses Before and After Chilling, and Frozen Chicken Breasts Produced in the States of Mato Grosso do Sul and Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Introduction Salmonella spp. is the most relevant foodborne pathogen globally. It is widely distributed in nature and it is able to survive in a wide range of environments. Human infections are associated no...
Author/s :
Simone Machado
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Article published the February 28, 2019:

Evaluation of Disinfectants Used in Pre-Chilling water Tanks of Poultry Processing Plants

  Introduction During broiler carcass processing, evisceration, carcass wash, prechilling and cooling steps can favor the dissemination of microorganisms and carcass contamination (USDA, 2002). One infec...
Author/s :
Bruno Henrique Lopes GuastalliDanilo Tancler StippElisabete Aparecida Lopes Guastalli Oliveiro Caetano de Freitas Neto
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