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Peanut Edible oil refining plant Basic Principle

Peanut Edible oil refining plant Basic Principle
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Edible oil refining plant is a process that use organic solvent to extract the oil from oil plant. Now mostpeanut oil extraction are utilizing extraction equipment for processing, today I would like share with you the basic principle ofpeanut oil extract.

Oil leaching,or what we called oil extraction, can be regarded as solid liquid extraction, it is the use of solvents with different material has different properties of solubility, the solid material in the process of components to be separated.

When in leaching, oil solvent processing, which is easy to dissolve the components (mainly oil) is dissolved in solvent.When oil leaching in the stillness of the cases, the fat in the form of molecular transfer, belong to the "molecular diffusion.But in the process of leaching mostly there is relative motion between the solvent and the material grain situation, therefore, it besides has a molecular diffusion, and depend on the solvent flows "convection diffusion process.

Molecular diffusion, in the form of molecular movement after the oil contact with the solvent, grease molecules in thermal motion of irregular way seeps from the oil and spread to solvents, at the same time, the solvent molecules are continually infiltrate the oil mixed with oil molecules, make oil and solvent to form the solution (called a mixed oil), the two parts in the solution of oil concentration difference is bigger, the concentration of fat molecules from high diffusion area to the concentration of small area, until a balance.

Molecular diffusion is transfer unit with a single molecule, and convection diffusion is the transfer of solution with small volume.It is part of the solution in the case of flow at a certain speed to move to another place, take material was dissolved in the flow, namely the material on the basis of flow diffusion process.

Leaching process of leaching device, is actually a combination of molecular diffusion and convection diffusion process, the raw material surface layer is in contact with the solvent molecular diffusion;And away from the raw material on the surface of the liquid for convection diffusion.Transfer by convection diffusion materials greatly outnumber molecular diffusion.In order to speed up the leaching speed, you have to constantly change the solution concentration and speed up the flow of the solvent (or mixed oil) and oil in the relative motion of leaching.Usual practice is to use the liquid level difference or the power to mix the oil pressure of the pump, to strengthen the convective diffusion effect.

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