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Novyrate EB

Novyrate EB
INR 550 00
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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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The general health of a flock influences feed conversions, unhealthy birds is likely to have poor feed efficiency. A wide range of factors associated with diet and infectious disease agents, various parasites and microbes, can negatively affect the health of the birds. With sub-clinical disease, the pathogens will destroy some of the cells lining, the Gut, because of this birds is not likely to absorb nutrients with optimum efficiency as a result, affect health status and production performance of birds in commercial poultry operations.

Esterified Butyrine, feed additive, is capable of reducing pathogenic challenges, maintaining bird’s performance by ensuring healthy gut and reduce the risk of costs associated with infected stock treatment.

Esterified Butyrine will help in improving health of Digestive Track, Increases surface area of Villi, reducing pathogenic load there by indirectly assisting in better conversion of nutrition for the birds growth.

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