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The total feed content that is fed during selection, including energy levels, amino acid levels and additives like enzymes, could well have an impact on the response to these variables in the field. We saw energy impact on growth rate back when studying growth for modeling purposes when I was at Novus International.
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Join us one hour a week (June 2022 – August 2022) to connect with cutting-edge speakers and panelists. Contribute your insights and experiences! Your participation shapes the concepts that will fuel the Summit. Can’t attend all the webinars live? Each webinar builds towards the Summit and will be recorded so you can stay current. Stay connected and informed and participate in discussio ...
Video published on April 15, 2024
Frank Ivey (Feed2Gain) shares his experience and insights on diet changes, cost savings in formulations, as well as how the impact of enzymes is evaluated, in this Engormix interview.
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HelloIt is respectfully recalled that according to the results of the experiment using multi-enzyme with barley in the diet of laying hens, the quality of eggs, especially the shell, decreased. Please, if your scientific colleagues have observed such results and scientific articles in their farm or research experiments, please send them to the email below. ThanksYaqabfar@yahoo.moshatahe
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1. Introduction“Feed-food competition” was defined as “the tensions and trade-offs between two alternative uses for edible crops: direct consumption by humans versus feeding livestock” (1). However, feed-food competition includes the use of production resources, such as land, wild fish, and water, and labor, capital, and ecosystem services. The allocation of these resources ...
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Very good points were raised in this discussion and we see that different approaches are possible. Congrats to all of you. I also would like to add some points that I think we need to take into consideration to better use enzymes: 1-we need to know the amount of antinutritional factors and how they affect each specific feed, for example, soluble Arabinoxylans from one raw material can affect the d ...
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Dr. Frank CHMITELIN, Vice President Strategy & Sustainability, speaks about Adisseo’s pillars related to achieving sustainability and safety in animal production.
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Thank you for your comments. The best definition of Sustainability that I could find and which is my guideline is « meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs ». This definition does not oppose sustainability and profitability as long as this profit respects people and the planet.
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The enzyme products that have been developed are of great value to the broiler producer. We know commercial enzyme products release nutrients from the bulk ingredients that make the ingredients more valuable. Typically, a successful product improves value well beyond its cost. And we know that enzyme products named for the same enzyme can have other beneficial enzymes from the fermentation process ...
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Hi Everyone. Thanks for addressing the good and the bad about formulating multiple enzymes in the same diet. As a result of the great improvements in Enzymes and other Additives, people like Dr. Frank Ivey with his Broiler Opt, and others who know how to model animals have in effect taken the problem out of the structured Linear Programs that i and others have developed over the last 40 years. And ...
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