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Good summary article, but take care, grain and soya products also have a host of problems like the meat products cited. I have fed broilers no meat product diets for 20 years and there are problems with these grain, soybean meal, canola meal, pea protein, isolated protein sources, millet and sorghum based diets. Excellent nutrition is required for successful animal production with either type of ...
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Mr. Aslam, the discussion on urease activity and its correlation with trypsin inhibitors applies only to SOYBEAN MEAL. Because full-fat soybeans (FFSB) are generated through different methods such as roasted soybean seeds, it is not possible to establish a general correlation across the different methods. In the case of SOYBEAN MEAL which is generated worldwide mostly by the solvent extraction met ...
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David Wicker (Fieldale Farms) discussed vaccination, selected breeder flocks, nutrition, supervision and other aspects of antibiotic-free production, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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