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Article published the October 16, 2020:

Main causes of changes in liver coloration in poultry

Anatomically, the main structural unit that conforms the liver are microscopic cells called hepatocytes. When he­patocytes are loaded with fat or pigments, as a consequence of some of the elements that we a...
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Manuel Contreras
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Article published the October 15, 2020:

Use of nonlinear programming to determine the economically optimal energy density in laying hens diet during phase 2

DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM  The main interests of animal nutritionists are in biology, not econometrics. As a result, the economic interpretation of feeding practices has practically been ignored in animal nu...
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Mohammad Afrouziyeh
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Article published the October 14, 2020:

Not All Chelated Minerals are same

An organic mineral is a combination of a metal ion with an organic molecule called ‘ligand’ such as amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, yeast, or organic acids. Specifically, the metal ion is bo...
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Dr. Koushik De
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Article published the October 11, 2020:

Selenium And Immunity: Food For Thought

A balanced diet is key for human health promotion. Among essential nutrients Selenium is shown to be deficient in many countries worldwide. In animals as well as in humans, Selenium deficiency is associated wit...
Author/s :
Michele De MarcoPeter Surai
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Article published the October 9, 2020:

Eimeria tenella Elongation Factor-1a (EF-1a) Coadministered with Chicken IL-7 (chIL-7) DNA Vaccine Emulsified in Montanide Gel 01 Adjuvant Enhanced the Immune Response to E. acervulina Infection in Broiler Chickens

Avian coccidiosis is one of the most economically damaging infectious diseases affecting poultry. The etiologic agent is Eimeria spp., an obligate eukaryotic intracellular parasite belonging to the phylum Apico...
Author/s :
Alfredo PanebraHyun Lillehoj
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Article published the October 9, 2020:

Current Status of Poultry Meat Abnormalities

Introduction With an average of 314.2 kg/capita consumed per year worldwide, poultry meat is the most widely eaten type of meat in the world (OECD, 2019). Poultry production and consumption have increased subs...
Author/s :
Massimiliano Petracci
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Article published the October 8, 2020:

Investigation on eggshell apex abnormality (EAA) syndrome in France: isolation of Mycoplasma synoviae is frequently associated with Mycoplasma pullorum

Background Infectious synovitis was first described and associated with mycoplasma infection in the USA during the early 1950’s [1] and the causative organism was designated later as Mycoplasma synoviae ...
Author/s :
Marco Cisneros
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Article published the October 7, 2020:

Nutraceutical to ensure Animal Welfare and Stress Control

The greater intensification of animal production cannot neglect the welfare and the correct conditions of animal housing and management. The European Union (EU) has established a wide range of legislative pro...
Author/s :
Jose Ignacio Alonso Rojas
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Article published the October 6, 2020:

Use of Foaming Disinfectants and Cleaners to Reduce Aerobic Bacteria and Salmonella on Poultry Transport Coops

1. Introduction Transportation coops have been shown to be a vector for cross-contamination during the 3–12 h transportation and holding period that occurs before birds are processed [1]. These coops con...
Author/s :
Carolee HinojosaDavid CaldwellMorgan Farnell
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Article published the October 5, 2020:

Fast and Slow-Growing Management Systems: Characterisation of Broiler Caecal Microbiota Development throughout the Growing Period

1. Introduction Microbiota is defined as the microbial community, including commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms, which colonise different areas of animals and have an important influence on anim...
Author/s :
Clara Marín OrengaLaura Montoro Dasí
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