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Water Tune C

Water Tune C
Product location

Woensdrecht, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Product Description

The Water Tune C system is an innovative and very environmentally friendly technology that removes biofilm and other sediments in the water without the addition of chemicals.
Water Tune C prevents the adhesion of biofilms ‘naturally’ to pipes (steel, PVC, glass, etc), fittings and drinking vessels by dissolving the adhering protein substance through electro magnetic impulses. Within a few weeks of treatment , the biofilm is permanently flushed out of the pipes and fittings and no longer reforms. The drinking water is clean.

Application : All types of homes, buildings, farms and greenhouses.

Description :
Biofilms are permanently present in drinking water distribution systems and therefore is the perfect nutrient base for pathogenic substances which multiply in water temperatures of 20° C and up. Colonies of exo- and endotoxins constantly attack the health of humans, animals and plants. Production stagnates and declines. Regular cleaning only helps for a short time. The biofilms are constantly reforming.

Animal Production :
Applying Water Tune C means that the body of the animal is no longer attacked by pathogenic bacteria from the water delivery supply. The animals now drink significantly more water. The water balance of the animal is normalised and nutrients will be more easily and efficiently absorbed. The digestive process is also normalised and thus the animals become healthier. Finally, production significantly improves and stabilises.

Important benefits for farms :
? Quick and easy installation.
? Waterlines will be clean in approx. 4 weeks.
? BIOFILM, limestone and other sediments will NOT return.
? Supports the health of farm animals.
? Enhances the efficacy of water soluble additives and medicines
? Improves the efficacy of drinking water vaccinations.
? Improved egg shell quality in layers and breeders.
? Less problems with E.Coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella.
? Less mortality.
? Less medication
? Improved water intake.
? Drinking water systems will be much easier to clean.
? Strongly reduced application of biocides

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