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Badal Singh
veterinary science
Technical services for poultry Industry...
veterinary science
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IntroductionFowl cholera is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. This species is named “multocida”, which may be interpreted as a bacterium that "kills" (cida) "many" (multo). In 1879, Pasteur was able to cultivate this bacterium; this was the first time that disease-causing bacteria were grown in culture media, outside the animal host. Pasteur inadverte ...
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Microsaf®, a multi-species bacteria probiotic, will be officially launched by Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care in Atlanta (Feb 12-15, 2019) during IPPE 2019, giving poultry professionals an exciting new route to improved feed efficiency, gut health and growth performance. Marcq-en-Baroeul, France (February 7, 2019). The new probiotic is based on a unique combination of three proprietary strains ...
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About 50-70% of all antibacterial agents used in broiler production are applied to reduce bacterial intestinal infections (bacterial enteritis).Properly conducted prophylaxis and appropriate follow-up can be effective methods of reducing the amount of antibiotics that are used in poultry production.Impaired feed digestion and nutrient absorption lead to the development of indigestion and diarrhoea ...
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Ascitis in poultry 1 High ammonia(NH3). 2 poor digestion of feed. 3 lack of O2
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Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna thanks for your comment. Because the pasty vent will improve the overall feed conversion, as average 6 points, or 0.06, the energy conversion will also be improved in similar proportion. Now the feed conversion due to pasty vent is dependent on the level of fat, meaning more fat in the diet the less effect on feed conversion due to emulsifier. In contrast, the less die ...
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The occurrence of pasty vent is usually observed after 3 days of age when chicks are mainly depending on their feed rather than their yolk sac. Some chicken flocks present pasty vent more often than others, being their frequency variable and hard to track. How can it be prevented or treated? Could this characteristic damage the growth or feed conversion ratio at the market age? The pasty vents are ...
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