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Salah Mohammed dear during live vaccine dont used any chemical used some neutralizer only
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Following are the possible causes of failure of Marek's Disease (MD) Vaccine:-INCOMPATIBLE VACCINE - Qualitatively i.e. not containing correct type of MD strain. Quantitative i.e. not containing enough PFU. Because MD control is becoming more and more complicated, therefore now higher number of vaccine virus ( 2000- 6000 PFU) needed. Initially in early seventies, only few hundreds of HVT freeze dr ...
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first what is the normal Ph of water at your farm...?
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Badal Singh yes for good probiotics there are certain things- what is source it should reliable- its mode of action and should act on gut- if probiotic it should be live spores so better check what is its recovery on pelleting temp.
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Probiotics are good and have great impact, it is not only about the gut health more over the immune status of the bird, only thing we need to find right probiotics in the probiiotic jungle.
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Kapil Manwal yes sir, I agree with u b/c a lot of products available in the market but along with good probiotics water quality very IMP for the gut health management.
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Any pathognomic lession which are seen in commercial white layer...?
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Robert Beckstead (NC State University) discussed transmission, treatment and control of this disease, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Antibiotics. Will affect mycoplasma vaccine.  Enrofloxacin Tetracyclines Macrolides Lincomycin Tylosin Tiamulin Timiclocin Sulpha etc (a little) Chloramphenicol May not affect local field strains; Acquired resistance.   Won’t affect vaccine. Ampicillin Amoxycillin Penicillin Fosfomycin (Phosphomycin) Cephalosporins Not absorbed orally       ...
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Ben Letor, Director of Innovand, Introduces Dr. Kuljeet Chand Sood, General Manager Vets Farma Limited, company that is the official Innovad’s distributor in India, focusing on promoting Lumance® (intestinal health), Escent® (Mycotoxin Stress Control), and Vitalite Energy Chick (Nutritional supplement for day old chicks), during Poultry India 2019.
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