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Antibiotics. Will affect mycoplasma vaccine.  Enrofloxacin Tetracyclines Macrolides Lincomycin Tylosin Tiamulin Timiclocin Sulpha etc (a little) Chloramphenicol May not affect local field strains; Acquired resistance.   Won’t affect vaccine. Ampicillin Amoxycillin Penicillin Fosfomycin (Phosphomycin) Cephalosporins Not absorbed orally       ...
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Ben Letor, Director of Innovand, Introduces Dr. Kuljeet Chand Sood, General Manager Vets Farma Limited, company that is the official Innovad’s distributor in India, focusing on promoting Lumance® (intestinal health), Escent® (Mycotoxin Stress Control), and Vitalite Energy Chick (Nutritional supplement for day old chicks), during Poultry India 2019.
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I believe in the dietary application of organic Betaine in the management of Ascitis in broiler. Why? Because Betaine stabilize intracellular homeostasis by increasing internal cell osmolarity there by preventing water loss to the peritoneumBetaine also assist to minimize wet litter thereby improving oxygen by minimizing Amonia releaseBetaine intermediate metabolism releases nitric oxide a chemica ...
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Dr. Silvia Peris, Exec. Regional Technical Services for Novus Europe & Middle East, speaks about the benefits of using CIBENZA® EP150, the first feed additive of protease with spores of its production organism, Bacillus licheniformis, authorized in the European Union, during ESPN 2019 in Poland.
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Elizabeth Davis thank you very much for the information.
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Badal Singh Hello. Here is the response from Dr. Vivek Kuttappan: "Thanks for your question. I believe you are asking about the reason for this problem. The exact reason for this condition is not clear. However, a lot of research has reported that birds with heavier fillets have a higher chance of having myopathies. The hypothesis is that when birds have heavier/larger breast fillets, the blood c ...
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Microsaf® is a unique association of three proprietary strains from 3 Bacillus species, carefully chosen to produce improvements in feed efficiency, gut function and microbiota, and overall growth performance in birds. The performance of Microsaf® is enhanced by Germination Optimization Technology (GO Technology®), a new process designed to promote faster and stronger Bacillus spore germination.
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Addition of sulfur amino acid like methionine to feed contaminated with aflatoxin improved production performance in poultry. Addition of methionine in diet helps to increase hepatic glutathione (GSH) concentration, which may aid to protect liver against aflatoxicosis.Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan
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The methionine world has evolved in the last years. That is why Adisseo has updated and enriched Methiopedia, the technical reference book of Methionine. Five years after the first book, a version has been released at the end of 2018 and includes exhaustive and up-to-date product, nutritional and technological information. With Methiopedia, Adisseo wishes to offer to the end-users all the relev ...
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I think Biosecurity and before vaccination I assured flock must be free from mycoplasma...?
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