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Adjustments for Key Parts of Fote Slag Dryer

Adjustments for Key Parts of Fote Slag Dryer
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With regard to the installation for iron ore dryer, it needs to install every part well and ensure the whole working process run normally. For parts required for adjustment and lubrication, they are mainly the pinions, gear wheels, feeding mouth and discharging mouth. If height error exists after well placing the pinions, you can put the pads under the pinions and make pads firmly fixed. What’s more, you should make the pinions parallel with each other.

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This work is very important, since it can directly influence the drying work of slag dryer. After adjusting the pinions, you can take the work for adjusting the two apertures. At first, you should make the apertures be in balance by taking the ways of alignment or thimble. Then, you should adjust the roundness of apertures.

To make the distance of matching surface between pinions and apertures be well-balanced, you can adjust the height and inclination of pinions. To adjust the gear wheels, you should firstly adjust the spring plates. The way to adjust the spring plates is similar with the way to adjust the apertures.

The key to adjust the gear wheels is the occlusion of toothed surface. At first, occlusion of toothed surface should be at even in inclination. To check the evenness, you can take the ways of filler gauge and taking leads. After adjusting the toothed surface, you should make the records. So does the adjustment for the pinion chassis. After each run of iron ore dryer, you should make the checks as the above mentioned. Discounts for you on website of Fote Machinery!

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