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Orbit- Meth (herbal methionine)

Orbit- Meth (herbal methionine)
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Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Product Description

Methionine is an essential nutrient for poultry. In addition, this amino acid provides methyl groups, which are needed for several metabolic reactions such as the synthesis of carnithine and creatine. Methionine is considered to be the first limiting amino acid in broilers fed practical corn-soybean meal diets. Adequate dietary level of this amino acid is needed to support optimum growth and carcass yield of fast-growing commercial broilers. ORBIT-METH is for various vital functions in body such as: protein synthesis, regulation of cell division, methyl donor, reduces reactive oxygen species etc. An important aspect of protein and methionine interrelationship is the ability of both to act as lipotropic agents. The production of lean carcasses has become especially important as producers are changing gradually from selling live birds to selling meat. ORBIT-METH acts as a lipotropic agent through its role as an amino acid in balancing protein or through its role as a methyl donor and involvement in choline, betaine, folic acid and vitamin B metabolism.


Natural analogue to replace synthetic methionine.
Economic & better perfomance.
It's activity remain unaltered during pelleting.
Supports optimum growth and carcass yield of fast-growing
commercial broilers

Dosage and Usage:
1 kg of ORBIT-METH /1 000 kg feed.

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg

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10 kg of orbit meth/ 1000kg feed ? To replace how much synthetic 99% dl methione?

it was typo error. dosage of orbit- meth is 1 kg/ton of feed so it replace equivalent DL methionine. Please keep in mind when ever you are going to start Orbit- Meth instaed of DL methionine, do not replace completely. Intially use 50% DL methionine and 50% orbit Meth then 25% DL methionine and 75 % Orbit-Meth and at the last you replace DL methionine with our product Orbit-Meth completely.
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