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Orbit -Lysine

Orbit -Lysine
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Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Product Description

Lysine and the sulfur amino acids (SAA), are known to exhibit specific effects on carcass composition. This accounts for the higher requirement when breast muscle (BM) yield is used as the basis for setting the lysine requirement as compared to weight gain. Lysine supplementation, at levels above the requirement for maximal growth rate, results in specific and significant effects on body composition. It is apparent that increasing ORBIT-LYSINE intake affects body composition by increasing BM yield and decreasing AF percentage. These effects, which can be added to a curvilinear effect on growth rate, induce a beneficial effect on FCR.

For optimum growth, feed conversion, protein and energy utilization in broilers, layer - chicks and growers.
For optimum carcass quality and to obtain maximum breast and thigh yield.
For higher egg production, bigger egg size and weight in layers and breeders.
For better performance of breeder birds.
To protect birds from stress related protein catabolism and allied symptoms e.g. edema, ascites etc.

Dosage and Usage: 1 kg of ORBIT-LYSINE /100 kg feed.

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg

Questions about the product
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Is Orbit-Lysine a phytogenic product?
yes it is phytogenecis/ NGP.
Dear Dr.Aravind,
Is Orbit-Lysine a photogenic product?
Can it be replaced fully or party with the current regimenof Lysine?
The dosage and usage 1 kg for /100 kg feed...
Is it applicable for all type of Poultry feed? Or different dosage for BPS,BS,BF,LSC,LGC and LF?
Is the same dosage applicable for Mash and Pellets?
Yest it is phytogenics product. Yes it replaces synthetic aminoacid Lysine. our dosage is 1 kg/ton of feed. it is applicable for all kind of poultry feed and dosage is same for BPS,BS,BF, LSC,LGS and LF. Dosage will remain same for Mash and pellets.
Its replace lysin from feed or not and
tell about benifit to feef economy
it replaces lysine from feed. It reduces cost for feed formulations.
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