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Caprifeed PECTA

Caprifeed PECTA
Product location

Chennai, Tamil Nadu [Madras] , India

Product Description

Improves feed conversion
Improves litter (less wet dropping and odor)
Decreases feed viscosity
Increases nutrient absorption
Enhance excellent animal performance

Questions about the product
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Can I will get separate/single enzymes - 1. Protease 2. Cellulase 3. Hemicellulase 4. Amylase 5. B- glucanase and what will be the cost?
Thanks for your enquiry, we can able to provide single enzyme. In this connection kindly send your company address, quantity you may require and activity you require in all the specified enzymes to our mail id: In turn we will send you the technical leaflet along with the offers. - Ravindran, CEO
Weather we can use as NSP degrading enzymes?
You can very well use the product. Caprifeed PECTA degrades Pectin.
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