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Natural source of antioxidants: Thyme

Published: April 4, 2024
By: Liptosa
Natural source of antioxidants: Thyme - Image 1
Did you know the wonderful properties of thyme?

1. Powerful Antioxidant:
Thyme is a natural source of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, promoting cellular resistance, and strengthening the immune system in animals

2. Microbiome Properties:
Its ability to control pathogenic bacterial growth has been studied in several scientific studies. This ''antibacterial'' action helps maintain a healthy intestinal environment, reducing harmful bacterial load, and improving disease resistance in pigs, chickens, and ruminants. 

3. Stimulates Digestion:
Thyme components may stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, promoting digestion and nutrient absorption. This translates into better performance and feed efficiency. 

4. Respiratory Well-being:
Its compounds help maintain respiratory health. Thyme can be also a valuable natural tool to prevent respiratory problems!

Have you not yet incorporated thyme into your animals' feed? LIPTOSA encourages you to do so!
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Carlos López Tomé
Ahmed Hamouda
13 de abril de 2024
Please let us know about the dosage,cost benefit ratio and its mode of action as it has antiviral activity, its effect on the life viral vaccines administered throw drinking water if it is used as regular feed additive.
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