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Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines

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LIV-100 is an ultimate natural performance enhancing tonic. This product is a breakthrough with its synergistic combination of plant and herbs extracts to stimulate and optimize liver functions, protect the liver and kidney from different toxins from feeds and harmful chemicals from use of synthetic products for maintenance and conditioning, and also protection from bacteria and viruses. Along with this, it improves absorption, assimilation and metabolism of nutrients.
LIV-100 for game fowl is a proven effective, all- natural breeding and fighting enhancing tonic that improves key liver functions, promotes growth, provides better feed intake and nutrient metabolism, increases power and energy generation, enhances digestibility, keeps the game fowl active and alert, transforms and clears toxins and acts as hepatoprotective, hepatostimulative, and hepatogenerative. Liver health is the key to achieving high and winning performance in game fowl.

The product contains 100% medicinally 21 active herbs and completely natural and free from pathogenic microflora and toxic chemicals.

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