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The Importance of binder agents in Animal Nutrition

Published: September 15, 2023
By: María Concepción García Cocho, Veterinary
The Importance of binder agents in Animal Nutrition - Image 1
Feed plays a fundamental role in the growth and development of farm animals, as a balanced diet is essential for their health and determine an optimal performance. One of the most important aspects in the production of animal feed is the presentation of the feed, as it has a direct influence on feed consumption and efficiency. This article examines the binders used in animal and highlights the role of Binder Ultra as a recommended product from LIPTOSA for improving feed presentation.
Importance of Feed presentation in livestock farming
Proper presentation of feed is extremely important for the animals. A well-formulated diet and correct presentation can improve feed conversion and weight gain, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective production. The texture and shape of the feed can also influence the consumption behaviour of animals on the farm, helping to reduce waste and ensure that essential nutrients are consumed in adequate amounts.
About binders: Understanding their use in animal nutrition
Binders are additives that are used in food production to improve both the quality and presentation of feed. Their main function is to bind and cohere the particles of the ingredients in the ration, making the pellets or granules firmer and more resistant during transport, storage, and consumption. The addition of binders to the manufacturing process results in a more homogeneous and durable feed, making it easier for animals to handle and consume.
The role of binders in animal feed
Accounting for a more attractive and appetising diet, binders are essential. Selective feeding behaviour is commonly observed in farm animals. The uniform texture and defined shape of granules or pellets produced with binders increases their attractiveness to animals. Moreover, the higher caloric and nutrient density present in the remaining pellets leads to a more concentrated diet, which improves feed efficiency and reduces waste by reducing the presence of fine particles in thefeed.
Binder Ultra for improving feed presentation
The product Binder Ultra by LIPTOSA enhances feed quality and contributes to the improvement of animals' zootechnical performance.
BINDER ULTRA is a product that contains a unique combination of mineral and botanical ingredients. These ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure a high agglomeration capacity, whilst maintaining the nutritional properties of the feed. The use of Binder Ultra during the pelleting process offers several notable benefits:
-Improved feed durability: granules produced with Binder Ultra are more resistant to mechanical wear, preventing fragmentation during transport and storage.
-Dust reduction: the binder helps to maintain a lower level of fine particles in the feed, reducing dust formation and making it easier for animals to digest.
-Improved palatability: pellets maid with Binder Ultra have a uniform texture and a more appetising appearance to the animal, which promotes consumption, and ultimately, a better performance.
-Reduced ingredient segregation: incorporating a high-quality binder into the feed manufacturing process helps to reduce ingredient segregation during feed handling and storage.
By improving feed quality and increasing its attractiveness to animals, more efficient production and better use of resources can be achieved, resulting in an environmental improvement in the manufacturing process.
Animal feeding's presentation is critical, and the granule's final quality is influenced by factors such as the type of raw material used, grinding uniformity, moisture level, and kind of binder. The use of solutions like Binder Ultra has several benefits in terms of shelf life, dust reduction, and palatability. It also improves production efficiency, whereby a well-formulated feed meets the animals' needs at their production stage and is presented attractively. As a result, animals consume the correct amount of nutrients, leading to optimal growth and more profitable production for the livestock industry.
Moreover, these products contribute to the production process optimization, resulting in better production efficiency, energy savings, and an environmental benefit.
LIPTOSA has a technical sales team that serves farmers and feed manufacturers to achieve optimal results in animals' performance.
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María Concepción García Cocho
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