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Evaporative Cooling Pad CeldeK-7090

Evaporative Cooling Pad CeldeK-7090
INR 230 00
Product location

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Product Description

CELdek 7090
• High Efficiency, Maximum Cooling and Humidification
• Low Pressure Drop,Less Costly to Operate,Low Maintenance,Self Cleaning Flute Design
• Specially Treated, Algae Resistant Substrate
• Routine Maintenance Can Be Performed While the System is Operating
• Long Service Life, Engineered to Resist Deterioration, Optional MI-T-edg Edge Protection,for Longer Life
Product Description
CELdek Features:
• High Cooling Efficiency,
• High Face Velocity,
• Self-Cleaning Design
• Low Pressure Drop
• Simple to Maintain

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