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Poultry medicine

Poultry medicine
Poultry medicine
Poultry medicine
Poultry medicine
Poultry medicine
Poultry medicine
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Bhimber, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

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Electromin Plus - 1 Ltr Liquid
High temperature in the summer pose a considerable challenge to poultry industry
because they negatively effect feed intake, weight gain, carcass weight & motility.
Heat stress caused by high temperature increases respiratory rates, resulting in
excessive Co2 loss & respiratory alkalosis, with consequent of blood PH. In
order to correct PH birds excrete bicarbonates {HCO3-} through kidneys.
Bicarbonates is negatively charged ion that needs to bind to a positively-charged
ion, such as Na+K+ to be excreted as uric acid & these ion can be deficient when
there is heat stress. DEB is determined by the monovalent chemical elements
{Na+,K+ & Cl-} which consider strong ions because of their effect on the acid-base
balance of body fliuds.DEB has a crucial role in broiler performance
& it is required for proper bone develop & litter quality. 

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