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Development of research projects; tests on feed ingredients and feed supplements; language editing; short-term training on poultry management.
Article published the February 10, 2017
1. Introduction Probiotics may alter gut microflora in poultry and play a role in competitive exclusion (CE) ofSalmonella by the Nurmi concept ( Pivnick and Nurmi, 1982). Competitive exclusion involves oral administration of intestinal microflora derived from healthy salmonella-free adult birds into newly hatched chicks. Establishment of an adult intestinal microflora in newly hatched c ...
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Article published the September 19, 2016
1. Introduction Probiotics display numerous health benefits beyond providing basic nutritional advantages. Probiotic products consisting of beneficial microflora can help to establish and maintain the balance of the intestinal microflora in commercial broilers. However, selecting a probiotic microorganism that has beneficial effects in broiler chickens requires an extensive search for the optimum ...
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Article published the March 15, 2016
  1. Introduction The use of probiotics has become a field of science, medicine and business that is growing rapidly. In agricultural science, probiotic, prebiotics, feed enzymes and organic acids, have been seen as potential alternatives to in-feed antibiotics (IFA) (Choct, 2002).   The addition of either pure Lactobacillus cultures or mixtures of lactobacilli and other bacteria to ...
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Participation in Forum on June 28, 2014
Hell Antrison,The first 7-10 days represent a period of rapid development of the gastrointestinal tract. We have assessed this as part of our studies on SDPP. The product positively affects this development, which then tends to have an effect on subsequent growth and FCR. It is therefore worthwhile including SDPP in starter or pre-starter diets, a period during which feed consumption is also low. ...
Participation in Forum on June 26, 2014
Thanks for all the comments. Dr Santander is right, SDPP would be safer than most other animal products in view of its preparation. There have been issues with pigs, now being linked to a viral infection in piglets. This is likely because some SDPP is of porcine origin. I think this will be of benefit to the poultry industry - if the pig industry does not use SDPP, then the price will drastically ...
Article published the June 17, 2014
Spray-dried blood plasma is a highly digestible protein source containing immunoglobulins, growth factors, biologically active peptides, enzymes and other factors that are biologically active in the gut. Bovine SDP has been shown to produce improved growth rate, feed intake, feed efficiency and produce superior breast yield in broilers. Porcine SDP has been used in piglet starter diets to improve ...
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Article published the April 22, 2014
IntroductionThe carcass yield of commercial broilers is an important factor in the poultry industry. Studies have indicated that an increase in dietary protein content will result in increased carcass protein content and decreased carcass fat content (BEDFORD & SUMMERS, 1985). An increase in protein retention and decrease in fat retention with increasing dietary lysine cont ...
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Article published the May 31, 2012
Summary A feeding study was conducted to compare the effects of litter material, dietary fibre and sex on growth performance, organ development, mucosal morphometry and gut microbial communities in broilers. Seven hundred twenty day old Cobb chicks were allocated to 24 floor pens in a 2 x 2 x 2 factorial design with 3 pens of 30 birds per replicate (3 pens of males and 3 pens of females). Factors ...
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Article published the May 28, 2012
SUMMARY This study was undertaken to investigate the gross response and energy utilization of broiler chicks fed on vegetable protein or conventional diets. Two hundred and fifty-two day-old Cobb-500 male broiler chicks were randomly assigned to five experimental groups and raised on a control diet (containing tallow) or diets containing fish meal (SBM50 and Can50) or diets with no animal product ...
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Article published the May 14, 2012
Summary A trial was conducted to test the following hypothesis; broiler exposure to coarse insoluble fibre in the diet or litter will result in enhanced gizzard function and performance, improved adaptability to an intermittent feeding program and an increase in the occurrence of reverse peristalsis. Ross 308 broiler chickens were either intermittent or ad libitum fed a basal diet, a basal diet ...
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