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Have You Ever Met the Slag-bonding Problem?

Have You Ever Met the Slag-bonding Problem?
Have You Ever Met the Slag-bonding Problem?
Have You Ever Met the Slag-bonding Problem?
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When evaluating the biomass resources, we should not only care about their strengths, but should pay more attention to those potential strengths and remarkable shortcomings. The above sentence is also applicable to biomass pellets, the finished products of wood pellet mill.

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During the burning process, the wall of furnace may be seriously damaged or corroded. This point is one of the bottlenecks to application of biomass pellets. Piling up refers to the phenomenon that furnace wall are slag-bonding during the burning process of pellets. How it comes?

Alkali salt in biomass pellets, which is easy to evaporate, enters into the gas phase of heating furnace under 700?. This kind of evaporable ash can coagulate on the condensing surface with other fine particles. The coagulating surface is named as the primary bonding layer. Along with the increase of temperature, the primary bonding layer is melted and become adhesive.

Under the pushing force of fluid, larger pellets in smoke may hit the primary bonding layer and form another new layer. As time goes by, the layer becomes more and more thick. As temperature rises by, pellets become more and more close. Under such situations, the layer thickness may be higher than 10cm.

The slag-bonding situation results in the poor thermal conductivity, low thermal efficiency, high smoke temperature and fast bonding speed. What’s worse, the furnace can not work again. If furnace temperature is higher than 780?, these slags will be like glass and disturb the work of furnace. In general, large-sized biomass boilers need weekly rest for every 10 or 12 months.

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