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The prices are a moving target. But yes that paper is AUD not Euros. We can say that as time goes by, the purified AA sources will likely get cheaper as demand picks up and economy of scale is realised. The next thing to be considered will be sustainability. On first thought, most will think purified sources will be more sustainable than SBM. However one needs to consider the input materials to pr ...
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We often forget (or forget to teach) that the mathematical program known as linear programming, often known as "least cost", when in actuality it can be used to determine either least cost or maximum profit. One of the problems that the author I think overlooks is that for many nutrients feeding less than a requirement can lead to disastrous results, especially when it deals with trace mineral, vi ...
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Dr. Afrouziyeh has been of great service to provide a recipe and instruction for creating a non-linear least cost formulation for those that are less certain of the nutritional content of their feeds. The more variation one experiences in the ingredients they buy, the more chance there is, with linear programming, to reach a feed that fails dramatically, as Dr. Waldroup pointed out earlier. When u ...
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