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Joaquin Armando Paulino Paniagua Sure, Dr. Paulino, feel free to share here the diets and thank you for your contributions to these conversations.
News published on January 9, 2020
This month, Engormix will attend IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA, the most important poultry event of the year. The commercial and technical content personnel of this specialized social network will hold meetings and talks with experts from the poultry and animal feed industry to produce interviews that will be shared with all its members. Engormix executives will hold meetings with the main ...
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For those interested in the differences between soybean meal and full fat soy that Dr. Ruiz mentions, you can see here his explanation:
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Israel Flamenbaum You're right, Dr. Flamenbaum, and that is why we have erased the comment from that organization and we have blocked them. Thank you very much for understanding.
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David Hoo You can read this technical article on Engormix: you need more information on the subject, click here: regards.
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Thank you for your message and to all members interested: You can contact the person responsible through the button Ask about this news release, and you can also check the source link (just below the title) on the note for more information. Kind regards.
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Salah Attia-Ismail You can print or print to PDF. Regards.
News published on January 11, 2018
Engormix will be present at IPPE 2018, the largest annual trade show for the poultry, meat and feed industries, where innovations and new technologies are presented. Carlos Pavesa (Director of Engormix) along with Aurélien Merdassi, Alberto Celis, Marcela García, Juan Vieyra (Commercial Representatives), Javier Tedesco (Marketing), Francisco Pallini, Douglas Lozada (Account Executive ...
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Thank you for your messages. You can request information to the person responsible by clicking the link "Ask about this news release" at the end of the article.
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Thank you for your comments. You can read the abstract from this presentation from Dr. Nuss here:, in the video player, you can go to the bottom right corner and enlarge the screen to improve visibility.Hope this helps.Kind regards.
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