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Fish Feed Mixer

 Fish Feed Mixer
Product location

Zhengzhou, Henan [Honan] , China

Product Description

Fish Feed Mixer Basic Information

This fish feed mixing machine is a kind of single-shaft and double-ribbon mixer which is also called ribbon blender. It is widely used to mix powdery feed materials to ensure a high quality of compound feed, and it is a well-working feed mixer for fish and other livestock feed production plants.

Fish Feed Mixer Highlights and Advantages
1.Multi-use: it can be used for feed, food additives, binder, silicone rubber, pigment, printing ink, paraffin, resin, vanishing cream, ointment, detergent, etc; and also can be used for mixing viscous fluid and thick, pasty and granular materials.
2.Multi-working-pattern: its mixing model has scraper type, inner-spin type and outer-ribbon type.

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