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Fish Feed Hammer Mill

Fish Feed Hammer Mill
Product location

Zhengzhou, Henan [Honan] , China

Product Description

Fish Feed Hammer Mill Introduction
This fish feed crusher is a hammer grinding machine used for processing fish feed raw materials into small pieces with proper sizes to help further process. And we are the expert in designing and manufacturing several fish feed crushing machine for your choice.

Fish Feed Hammer Mill Features
1.Wide application: this fish feed grinder is working well for various users to process agricultural materials, such as branches, bark, corn stalk, peanut shell, dry grass, cotton stalk, etc.; and pharmaceutical and industrial materials, such as Chinese medicine crops, quartz, coal, coal residue, woods, etc.
2.Simple structure, high efficiency, easy operation, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

Fish Feed Hammer Mill Structure
This fish feed grinding machine is made up of feed hopper, top engine block, bottom engine block, rotor, sieve, working fan, feed delivery pipe, etc. And the storage bag and storage bin can be equipped as customers required.

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