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How to Solve the Rapid Wear of Wood Pellet Mill?

How to Solve the Rapid Wear of Wood Pellet Mill?
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In the agricultural straws, micro elements like Si, Ca and Cr take higher part. During the collecting process, the agricultural straws may bring a lot of sand inside. These micro elements can accelerate the wear of wood pellet machine. To alleviate the wear of key parts, some suppliers of wood pellet mill at abroad use the way of batching maintenance.

During the working process, the roller run quickly in ring die and press the agricultural straws. The temperature can reach to 200?. Under the high temperature and strong pressure, roller and die holes are seriously worn out. Time to repair and overhaul the worn-out parts is about 1,000 hours.

The maintenance cost, which depends on the diameter of ring die, is about 10,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan. In German, the wood pellet mill has to be maintained after working for three months. During the ideal service life period, the ring die has to be maintained for 10 times. Every time, the cost is about 4,500 Euros.

Short maintenance period and high maintenance cost cause the price of biomass pellets quite high. In Europe, one ton of biomass pellets can be sold at 170 Euros to 200 Euros. At home and abroad, there are two ways that can be used for solving the rapid wear of key parts.

One is to improve the wear-resistant performance of metal parts starting from the metal materials and heat treatment. The other is to change the tangent between die holes and roller, increase the pushing power and reduce the pressing power. Price of wood pellet mill is on website!

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