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How to Solve Common Failures for Sawdust Pellet Mill?

How to Solve Common Failures for Sawdust Pellet Mill?
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If temperature of fodders discharged from the mouth of modulator is uneven, quality of them will be of failure. Confronted with this situation, you should do as followings. At first, you should check whether fodder briquettes exist inside the modulator of sawdust pellet mill. Then, you should check the working condition of accessories equipped for steaming pipe like reducing valve, drain valve and stop valve, etc.


At last, you should ensure the steam nozzle work smoothly. Only so, steam can enter into the modulator continuously. Known as the NO.1 supplier of sawdust pellet mill, FTM China Machinery can offer you the discounts on website! If you confront the problem that ring die is blocked while addition of steam is insufficient, you should perform as followings. At first, you should check whether the condensed water is discharged out smoothly. If so, you can use the pressure steam on trail.

Sometimes, you will confront the problems that humidity of fodder is insufficient. To solve this problem, you can do as the followings. At first, you should lower the steam pressure in modulator. While, it should be noticed that place to install the reducing valve should be about 4.5 higher than the upstream pipe of modulator. What’s more, size of steam pipe should be sufficient to deliver the required steam under the low pressure. In general, diameter of feeding mouth in steam pipe of modulator should vary from 80mm to 100mm.

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