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How Sawdust Pellet Mill Develop in China?

How Sawdust Pellet Mill Develop in China?
How Sawdust Pellet Mill Develop in China?
How Sawdust Pellet Mill Develop in China?
How Sawdust Pellet Mill Develop in China?
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zhengzhou, Henan [Honan] , China

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Straw resource in China is very rich. According to the results of related surveys, the theoretical amount of first five agricultural straws is 0.43 billion tons in 2016. Among which, only 0.17 billion tons can be recycled again. How to recycle agricultural straws is a key topic for discussion.

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At present, ways to recycle agricultural straw are primarily direct returning to field, rural driving force, husbandry feed, paper-making, mushroom planting, burning and discarding away, etc. Topics on the using methods of agricultural straw are of significant meaning for the rationalizing application.

By using sawdust pellet mill, we can process the agricultural straws into fuels or feeds in pellets. Since from 1950s, Chinese always regard the agricultural straw as the feeds for animal husbandry like cow and sheep, etc. Especially from the reform and opening up, using straw to feed animals is well implemented in wide rural areas.

To 1980s, China begins to study the technology for turning straws into densified biofuels. At earlier periods, we primarily use the screw-extruding pellet machine. Since the major parts are easy to worn out and energy consumption is high, cost to use this machine is quite high.

From the year of 2000 that we begin to use sawdust pellet mill, output of biofuels is greatly improved. The technology for making solid biofuel is well developed. Morality oriented, people will be honest; quality rooted, product will be excellent. With the service tenet of being responsible for every procedure, every product and every customer, FTM hopes to work with you in the near future.

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