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Analysis on Die Deformation of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Analysis on Die Deformation of Sawdust Pellet Mill
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According to the failure mode of key parts, plastic deformation refers to the unrecoverable and long-term deformation of die under the heavy load and large friction force. We can learn the reasons and factors of plastic deformation by analyzing the pressure on ring die and press rollers. The following content takes the working part of press roller and ring die as the analysis object.

Ring die can rotate after being suppressed by press rollers, rubbed by raw materials and driven by the dynamo. Since the driving torque of dynamo to ring die is definite, radius of ring die does not change. Therefore, the peripheral force of ring die can not change, too.

The positive pressure of press roller on ring die is dependent on the force and distance between ring die and press roller. Friction force equals to the product of positive pressure and friction coefficient. The friction force has important influence to the pelletizing process of sawdust pellet mill.

One of the factors to influence the frictional force is the positive pressure of press roller on ring die. Positive pressure is caused by the integrated motion of distance between press roller and ring die, extrusion force of raw materials on ring die. After press roller and ring die are assembled, certain tension existed between the distance. The tension force is directly related with the distance.

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