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Q&A on Work of Ring Die Pellet Mill (VI)

Q&A on Work of Ring Die Pellet Mill (VI)
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Zhengzhou, Colorado, United States

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Q: I am Shan zhou, from Germany, the user of FTM ring die pellet mill. Here, i want to know that in what cases i need to change the driving rim.

A: Thanks for your support to our product and our service. To this question, we have two standards. One is the frequent fracture of location pin or locking bolt. The other one is the very small distance between ring die and driving rim. If they basically contact with, you need to change the driving rim. If you still have problems, welcome you to ask.

Q: As my friends told me that ring die is the very important part in ring die pellet mill. During the daily using process, i am careful to the ring die. Here, i want to ask this question that what factors can influence the quality of ring die. Hope you can give me a brief explanation!

A: Thanks for your question. Indeed, the ring die is called the heart of ring die pellet mill. If there is something wrong with it, there is no need to discuss about the working efficiency. If ring die has something wrong, you should notice the following reasons: too-short fixed bolts, poor quality of bolts, damage of ring die, dust in fixed bolt hole, wear of driving rim, new ring die with old press roller, too-tight press roller, wrong adjustment of eccentric shaft, too-high aperture ratio, slant ring die, continuous overload on ring die.

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