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The Company Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health we are committed to delivering future evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance, including : Improvements in digestibility and bioavailability, for better feed efficacy and performance. Cost-effec...
Article published the November 29, 2022
The growing cost of diseases in tilapiaBacterial, viral and parasitic diseases can disrupt tilapia production regardless of the biological stage, production system and culture intensity. Streptococcosis (caused mainly by different serotypes of Streptococcus agalactiae and Streptococcus iniae) is one of the most impacting bacterial diseases, causing mortality rates ranging from 40% t ...
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Article published the August 26, 2022
Physiological stress is one of the main contributing factors of disease outbreaks and reduced performances in the production of tilapia. Compared to the production of land animals, there are only a limited number of practical and cost effective disease treatment methods for aquaculture.Therefore, good stress management practices are an integral part of preventing disease outbreaks early on, while ...
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Phileo Microbiota Days
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Disease management and prevention has become one of the top priorities for the aquaculture industry. This is due partly to economic losses, caused by disrupted production, and partly to sustainability issues and increased pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics and chemicals. The risks associated with drug resistant pathogens, environmental impacts, and  consumer perceptions of antibiotic r ...
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Lack of adequate controls or decontamination procedures render many breeding chicken flocks susceptible to avian salmonellosis, either from contaminated environments or between birds and their young within the flock. Salmonella Pullorum (S. Pullorum), causing pullorum disease, and Salmonella Gallinarum (S. Gallinarum), causing fowl typhoid, are two major salmonellosis diseases that can seriously i ...
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Otavio Serino Castro Thank you. I appreciate it when an author makes a thoughtful reply to my posts.
Participation in Forum on November 26, 2020
Dear Paul, thank you for your comment. This specific trial targeted young stage animals, and to demonstrate scientifically the effects of the yeast functional protein in the gut health, when formulating with increased plant proteins. I do agree that running a full cycle trial would amplify the negative impacts from gut inflammation and reduced digestibility of amino acids. In our approach, the lab ...
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If you want to "prove" a feed formulation; run it for a full life cycle. Another way to test is a "feed all they will eat" until they "break" meaning that a minor formulation failure get multiplied until the fish get sick.
Article published the November 20, 2020
Functional yeast proteins supplementation in reduced fishmeal diets for orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) reduces gut inflammation, improves villi structure and increase survival after Vibrio harveyi disease challenge.Fishmeal reduced diets for aquaculture have been successfully validated in the past years for different species such as shrimp, salmon, trout, etc. Formulating balanced f ...
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In recent years, the global aquaculture industry has overcome many obstacles, especially those related to disease outbreaks, environmental regulations and market volatility. In future, however, increasing pressures and challenges are anticipated due to water scarcity, wild stock overfishing, antibiotic resistance and climate change. Phileo by Lesaffre and the Blue Revolution The blue revolutio ...
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