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Dominique Bureau
Health, welfare, nutrition, productivity, food safety, environment - those are key words for the Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN). Established in 2012, we are a network of poultry researchers and poultry health specialists who address a wide range of issues - from basic biology, to environmen...
Article published the March 3, 2023
IntroductionAnimal production relies on the supply of nutritious feeds supporting high growth, welfare and health of animals and the production of high-quality products in an environmentally sustainable and profitable manner. With feed cost representing 50 to 80% of the total production cost, feed manufacturers have a very important role in the overall economic viability of animal agriculture ...
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Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2022
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Paul Roberts Most commercial plant protein ingredients are highly digestible to animals. The insoluble carbohydrate found cell walls have no negative real impacts, except at extremely high levels.
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Immune stimulation in aquaculture was a subject on the board when I joined Phileo some years ago. One of my first tasks was to assess the products we had available in the group as immune stimulants in aquaculture species.Immune stimulation in aquaculture is a confused fieldNot being an immunologist by training, but having some knowledge in the field of immune stimulation in aquaculture, I then emb ...
Article published the June 12, 2014
IntroductionOver the past 50 years, the University of Guelph has gained an enviable reputation, nationally and internationally, for its innovative research programs in aquaculture nutrition and expertise in aquaculture feed formulation. The history of fish nutrition research at the University of Guelph is intimately related to history of fish culture by governmental hatcheries in Ontario. The need ...
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Article published the April 25, 2013
Fish meal and fish oil replacement has been the focus of very significant research efforts and hundreds ofscientific papersin recent years.Despite years of research, fish meal and fish oil remain very important, quasi essential, components of successful commercial feeds for most fish and crustacean species. This generally has an impact on the feed and production costsformany aquaculture produ ...
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April 18, 2013
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