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@Haneea Ahmad... That is a good observation and as both the words 'uniformly' and 'homogenous' are used interchangeably, I did choose one word over the other without giving much thought.Most of the content that I looked up after your observation have referred to both these words almost in a similar way. However, on the site, the following was mentioned:"The general meanin ...
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Density control depends on internal and external fat level; and of control the die value; your extruder should act as a forming extruder so all the product condition should be get in the conditioner; The SME and STE are other important variables to control; you should run your extruder at 180-200 rpm reducing the SME; extruder moisture is one of the main variable to control; and also you will need ...
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Hello Dario, I am unable to understand some parts of your query. Eg: 0.5/1.5 of oil.... is it the oil added in the feed and then the remaining added as top dressing? Also, your question seems to have two contradicting facts - you want higher bulk density and also want them to float. For the feeds to float, the bulk density has to be lower and contrary to what you have mentioned in your question, ...
Article published the June 22, 2023
IntroductionThe feeds for fish can be categorized as floating feeds, slowly sinking feeds, and sinking feeds. Each of these types of feeds are either made by exploring different types and amounts of ingredients, for instance, by controlling starch levels in the feed formulations or by varying the processing parameters, for instance, by modifying the screw profile, changing the screw speed, etc. Fl ...
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Keith Erdley (Wenger) discusses sustainability, waste management, energy efficiency and other important factors in pet food production, during FIGAP 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico.
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Dr. Oviedo, Data is money. You are supporting companies and professionals to take an additional profit from their business. Congratulations for your effort and dedication with Data Analysis for the industry.
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But the same time we need to consider minimum 20% of starch in formulation of feed
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Michael Joseph Dear sir, higher protein content can not be impact always on floating of feed....mainly fat content can be impact on floating of feed.....whenever if feed protein content is lower or higher , mainly fat content of formulation only impact the floating...higher fat tends to high density and lower fat means lower density of feed( excellence floating)
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Mr. Ariyo,It seems that you are talking about twin-screw extruder. Double screw extruders are extruders with two single screws mounted separately on the equipment. From what you have mentioned, it's not clear what changes in other ingredients do you do when you increase the CP to be >30%.Floatation of the feed is an effect caused by the expansion starch in the formula. A minimum 20% starch is h ...
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