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Dr. Oviedo, Data is money. You are supporting companies and professionals to take an additional profit from their business. Congratulations for your effort and dedication with Data Analysis for the industry.
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But the same time we need to consider minimum 20% of starch in formulation of feed
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Michael Joseph Dear sir, higher protein content can not be impact always on floating of feed....mainly fat content can be impact on floating of feed.....whenever if feed protein content is lower or higher , mainly fat content of formulation only impact the floating...higher fat tends to high density and lower fat means lower density of feed( excellence floating)
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Mr. Ariyo,It seems that you are talking about twin-screw extruder. Double screw extruders are extruders with two single screws mounted separately on the equipment. From what you have mentioned, it's not clear what changes in other ingredients do you do when you increase the CP to be >30%.Floatation of the feed is an effect caused by the expansion starch in the formula. A minimum 20% starch is h ...
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Thanks for your comments, Ignacio. You raise some important points. While there are several designs of preconditioners available, the predominant idea with those designs is to have maximum contact of the dry raw materials with that of water and steam to quickly create a precooked material.As far as wetting of the flour to the walls of preconditioner is concerned, it's probably due to the differenc ...
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Michael: Great overview. Very useful information. Excellent fact-sheet. Thanks!
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Important discusion about the preconditioner design results in a very important conclusions for the operation. As preconditioner is an special " mixer" it will be important to know opinions on what is the most important in the design. Parameters like, level of operation, time of retention range, one or two axes, sens of rotation of two axes, how to inyect the water and the steam, position of beate ...
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Thanks, professor Michael Joseph, for keeping us awake on the preconditioning and extrusion principles...Is a very good overview useful to teach to our operators and apprentices...
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Dana Nelson Thanks Dana!
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