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New Technologies in Pet Food Production

Published: December 29, 2022
Keith Erdley (Wenger) discusses sustainability, waste management, energy efficiency and other important factors in pet food production, during FIGAP 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico.
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Keith Erdley
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Ignacio Arancibia, Michael Joseph
Ignacio Arancibia
5 de enero de 2023

I consider it important to emphasize the auxiliary equipment necessary for process control to support the main equipment, and to maintain particle and final product specifications,
I mean for example:
1.- to intercalate a sifter to classify the outgoing particles after grinding before mixing and to detect if any sieve has been broken.
2.- to intercalate magnets before milling and before the extruder.
3.- to intercalate a sifter or sieve before packaging.
4.- to intercalate magnets before packing
5.- to intercalate moisture meter at the exit of the dryer,
and others that the participants may suggest.

Ignacio Arancibia
5 de enero de 2023
Waste management is one of the most important topics to get a good performance in a petfood plant. By example how and what tod do with the moist wastes exitig after the extruder. May be mr Keith Erdley can give us a referenced paper where can see more about this topic.
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