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Why Wood Pellet Mill is Competitive in Market?

Why Wood Pellet Mill is Competitive in Market?
Why Wood Pellet Mill is Competitive in Market?
Why Wood Pellet Mill is Competitive in Market?
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Zhengzhou, Colorado, United States

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In general, water content in harvested straws accounts for 46% higher. After they are processed by wood pellet mill, water content in pellets becomes 16% or slower. If you want to store the biomass pellets, you should control the water content within 12%. If you dry the water content manually, the minimum degree is only about 16%.

What’s more, you have to burn out 150kg coal. The power investment is one of the bottlenecks for the application of wood pellet mill. The stacking density of agricultural straw is only 0.2. Therefore, a lot of land resources are required to store the agricultural straws. How to perform the dehydrating and storing work well is worthy of discussion.

At present, there are two ways to solve the above problems. During the harvesting period, you only harvest the wheat and leave the straws in land. After being weathered, the straws will become more and more dry. The chlorine content will decrease correspondingly. As to the second way, it is to use the mechanical machinery to integrate the storing and dehydrating work together.

Wood pellet mill is the mechanical machinery. Nowadays, wood pellet mill is more and more used. The forming work of wood pellet mill mainly relies on the high-speed and opposite movement of transmission parts and straw materials. During the forming process, the heat produced by the strong abrasion closely bond the lignin and fiber together.

The working power of revolving parts pushes the agricultural straws to the molding die. Under the high temperature and strong pressure, biomass pellets are produced.

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