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What Sawdust Pellet Mill Be Applied for?

What Sawdust Pellet Mill Be Applied for?
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What is a sawdust pellet mill?

The sawdust pellet mill is a kind of equipment used to press the crushed raw materials into particle or rod-like products which are widely applied by industries of fuel supply, feed, medicine, chemical engineering, construction materials and metallurgy etc.

Why should you choose Fote sawdust pellet mill?

1. Our high efficiency saw dust pellet machine can process raw materials that are loose and hard to be formed. Its central pressure adjustment system can guarantee the final pelletizing effect of all kinds of materials.

2. The pinch roller of the machine made of premier alloy steel adopts the self-lubrication system and can run with non-stop.

3. The pinch roller adopts the multiple position design which decreases the wear rate and prolongs the service life of the ring die. The additive pressing section increases the productivity.

4. Fote saw dust pellet machine is prepared with many kinds of vertical ring dies for various materials. Only by changing the ring dies between round rod and pellet ones can we realize the best pelletizing effect. The vertical structure of the ring die makes it easy for both feed directly and heat dissipation.

5. The sawdust pellet mill with the ability of non-stop work can press the raw materials with water content of 5%-20% into biomass pellet fuels with the diameter of 2.5-15mm and calorific value of 3500-4500 kc.

What can Fote sawdust pellet mill be applied for?

Our sawdust pellet mill is suitable for pressing materials that are hard to be glued and formed such as all kinds of seed hull and melon shells, wood leftovers and crop straws etc. It is considered as the ideal pellet equipment with the least investment, fastest effect and least risk. With advantages of high density, high thermal value, storage and transportation convenience, the biomass fuel made by our saw dust pellet machine can replace the traditional fuels like coal, firewood, natural gas and liquefied gas etc. The biomass fuel as the latest regeneration energy has been widely applied for household boiler, warmth furnace, hot water boiler, industrial boiler, drying oven and cooking heat etc.


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