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poultry producers_shandong tobetter reputation

poultry producers_shandong tobetter reputation
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Now the demand for broilers is quite wide , so there are a lot of farmers will be chicken farming , some farmers will choose breeding shed , and some farmers will choose to directly use the broiler cage for breeding . In fact, relative to the cage shed direct support , it is more cost-effective number , poultry producers shandong tobetter talk about the use of caged advantage of farmers who wish to give a reference
The main advantage of broiler cages are:
1.Q235 material, elastic, smooth surface , not hurt Ge broiler skin . Thus reducing the bacterial infection , thus reducing the incidence of the disease
2. High degree of automation : automatic feeding , drinking water, manure removal , wet curtain cooling , centralized management, automatic control , save energy , improve labor productivity, reduce costs captivity , greatly improve breeding efficiency of farmers.
3. flock vaccination is good, effective prevention of infectious diseases : chicken droppings are not in contact , make chicken more healthy growth , chickens provide a clean and comfortable environment for the growth , the meat much earlier .
4. save space , improve breeding density : the density of high-density cage three times more than the level of support .
5. Save aquaculture feed : Yangji can save a lot of aquaculture feed , chicken reared in a cage , reduced physical activity , low energy consumption , reduce material waste . Data show that captive breeding can effectively save the cost of more than 25 %.
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