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poultry equipment companies_shandong tobetter reputation

poultry equipment companies_shandong tobetter reputation
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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With the expanding poultry industry , poultry equipment companies are growing , shandong tobetter is a has many years of experience in the poultry equipment companies, their products enjoy a reputation in the world, also , about the company's products are described below :
Laying hens cage Features :
1. cage net using advanced hot dip galvanizing process , corrosion-resistant , anti-aging , long life, strong and beautiful
2. hens cage cage wire surface is smooth , and no lacerations and scratches and other harmful defects , forming mesh cages , which can effectively prevent the chickens foot injury , to prevent the wire laceration make chickens foot infections caused by staphylococcal occurrence ;
3. easy to assemble , easy to raise , easy to manage, save space , and effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chickens
4. Reduce labor costs, feeding , feed , water , conservancy , environmental fully automated control , greatly reducing the labor intensity , saving labor costs
5. investment, the use of cascading under the same scale farming, farming equipment , high stocking density , conservation of land , high intensification
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