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poultry curtains_shandong tobetter superior quality

poultry curtains_shandong tobetter superior quality
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Now poultry farmers in order to provide suitable for poultry living environment, usually humidification cooling to room temperature by installing poultry curtains, gave the following brief you about the role of poultry curtains.
First, the cooling system:
1, "wet curtain - suction fan" cooling system is composed of a porous paper wet curtain water circulation system, the fan components. Unsaturated air flows through the porous surface when wet wet curtain, large amounts of water evaporated by the hot air temperature was embodied into latent heat of evaporation, thereby reducing the temperature of the air itself. The wet curtain cooling through a steady stream of cold air into the room when the ventilation fan, so as to achieve the cooling effect.
Second, the humidification system:
Wet curtain as a humidifier medium used for plantations, and some other greenhouse humidity demanding special industry. Because of wet curtain has water, water diffusion speed, performance and lasting characteristics, it is suitable for regulating the indoor humidity.
Third, the filtration system:
Wet curtain also has ventilation and corrosion resistance, dust and dirt in the air has an excellent filtering effect, is non-toxic and odorless clean humidifiers, oxygen cooling of environmentally friendly materials, it is also used as air purification and filtration media.
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