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Key Points Related With Dies of Straw Pellet Mill

Key Points Related With Dies of Straw Pellet Mill
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If straw pellet mill is equipped with ring dies with large suppressing ratio, the finished pellets will be greater in density and cleaner in surface. While, if the suppressing ratio is too large, ring die will be hard to finish the discharging work. More seriously, the holes of ring die would be blocked. For raw materials rich in fibers, compressing ratio of ring die should be settled smaller. Or directly, you equip the straw pellet machine with old ring die.

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If distance between ring die and press rollers is not adjusted well, working condition of straw pellet mill will be directly influenced. If distance is too large, suppressing force between ring die and press roller will be weaker than the frictional force of raw materials to pass through hole dies. As a result, ring die will be blocked.

On the contrary, if distance is too small, ring die and press rollers will be easy to be damaged. As to the feasible adjustment for distance between ring die and press rollers, it is based on the experience of operators. FTM China Machinery, as the NO.1 brand of straw pellet mill, can offer you the greater discounts in the first three months of 2016.

It should be noticed that the new ring die should be matched with new press rollers. By doing so, serious wear of new press rollers or new ring die can be avoided. From other perspective, this behavior can indirectly prolong the service life of ring die and press rollers as well as lower the production cost.

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