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Factor of Heating Degree for Work of Wood Pellet Mill

Factor of Heating Degree for Work of Wood Pellet Mill
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Heating temperature, as the remarkable factor for the molding work of wood pellet mill, can bond the lignin in raw materials together. Under the natural situation, softening point of lignin varies from 80? to 130?. If raw materials are heated to the temperature varying from 70? to 100?, lignin inside will be more and more cohesive.

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While, when heating temperature is about 200?-300?, lignin in raw materials will be fused. Therefore, during the working process of wood pellet mill, heating temperature should not be lower than the softening point of lignin. Since the heating temperature can influence the working efficiency of wood pellet mill, you should control it within a reasonable scope.

If heating temperature is too low, molding work of wood pellet mill will be of great failure. What’s worse, the power consumption will increase a lot. On the contrary, you have to bear the consequences like easy fracture of biomass pellets and coke on pellet surface. Known as the NO.1 brand of China Mining Machinery, FTM China Machinery has successfully produced a late-model wood pellet mill.

During the working process of late-model wood pellet mill, you do not need to heat it. The friction between raw materials and parts can heat the raw materials to about 100?. Under this temperature, lignin in raw materials can also be softened and serve as adhesives. Interested in the price of FTM wood pellet mill? Leave messages on website to get the discounts that FTM prepares for you in 2016.

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