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big dutchman poultry_shandong tobetter is the preferred

big dutchman poultry_shandong tobetter is the preferred
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Poultry farming more and more , and now the majority of poultry farmers are searching one kind of big dutchman poultry , this site is an overseas reputation significantly , in China there is also a big dutchman poultry and livestock breeding comparable equipment manufacturers shandong tobetter , here to introduce our company's products, as a reference for farmers.
Broiler cage main advantages :
1.Compared with the traditional flat support, and increase the number of poultry units 50% -100% .
2. Automatic water supply system can ensure uniformity and adequacy, to ensure good health and growth of broiler chickens state drinking water .
3. You can configure a special indoor cooling system , which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature , reducing asphyxia due to high temperature caused by hypoxia death.
4. The device is easy to operate , and can better save labor .
5. with the use of automatic manure removal system can effectively reduce disease and mortality in broilers .
6. broiler cage reduced physical activity can accelerate growth , feed conversion rate savings
7.Cage net and cage life hot dip galvanizing process can use better equipment.
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