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Article published the August 12, 2019:

Phytogenics – Effective Modulator of Host Intervened Immune Response in Poultry Production

Summary: Poultry production and performance is affected by various factors including exposure to biotic and abiotic stressors. Most of these stressors, affects the immune homeostasis of the poultry birds leadi...
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Dr. Prashant K. Mishra
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Article published the June 3, 2019:

Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of Shirazi Thymus vulgaris essential oil

Introduction The pharmaceutical properties of aromatic plants exist in essential oils. They are used to treat diseases traditionally.1,2 Thyme (T. vulgaris) plant grows in throughout of Iran, especially in Cha...
Author/s :
Dr. Ebrahim Talebi
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Article published the May 6, 2019:

Effect of Prunus armeniaca seed extract on health, survivability, antioxidant, blood biochemical and immune status of broiler chickens at high altitude cold desert

Introduction The growth performance of broiler poultry chickens that reared at cold arid high altitude Himalayas is very poor in spite of stunning progress that has been achieved in broiler poultry industry in...
Author/s :
Dr. Sahil Kalia, Ph.D.
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Article published the March 19, 2019:

Effect of Chlorella supplementation on growth performance, immune characteristics, and gut microbiota of broiler chickens

Introduction The use of antibiotics and other antimicrobials has been practiced for many years to enhance growth performance, disease prevention and efficient use of feeds in the livestock feed industry (Barto...
Author/s :
Hossan Md. Salim, PhD
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Article published the February 27, 2019:

In vitro Analysis of Micro Emulsified Essential Oil against Pathogenic Strains of Escherichia Coli, Salmonella Entritidis and Pasteurella Multocida Isolated from Broilers

  Introduction Poultry is affected by the various diseases, especially flocks that have low immunity resulting in the significant economic losses due to high feed conversion ratio (FCR) and mortality [1]...
Author/s :
Amit Kinicustan fernandesDr.Pavan P
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Article published the February 26, 2019:

Studying The Effect of Adding Different Concentrations of The Mint Oil to The Ration of Broiler Chicks on Some Blood Biochemical Traits

1. INTRODUCTION In recent years, the poultry industry in the world has seen significant development and expansion, both in the production of meat or eggs, as the volume of production increased compared to othe...
Author/s :
Assistant Professor Dr Nihad Alnidawi
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Article published the February 6, 2019:

SilvaLab: Cutting Edge Science Support from Silvateam

The development of antibacterial resistance is an issue of global concern. Not only human beings have experienced it, but it has also taken relevance in the veterinary sector. The Food and Agriculture Organiza...
Author/s :
Gustavo Gabriel Draghi Ramat
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Article published the December 3, 2018:

Growth and Haematological Parameters of Japanese Quails (Corturnix Cortunix Japonica) Fed Dried Corn Silk- Polyalthia Longifolia Leaf Meal Mixture

INTRODUCTION The use of antibiotics growth promoter at sub-therapeutic level (AGPs) has been practiced in the poultry industry since 1946, but recent research has proven that its continuous use can cause bacte...
Author/s :
Alagbe olujimi John
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Article published the November 21, 2018:

Phytogenic solution to enhance meat quality attributes: Superliv

“With rapid growth rate, metabolic muscle myopathies have developed”. Broiler production in the world is more efficient and cost-effective now than 20 years ago because of advances in genetic selec...
Author/s :
Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey
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Article published the November 13, 2018:

Phytochemicals as antibiotic alternatives to promote growth and enhance host health

Introduction Antibiotics, since their discovery in the 1920s, have played a critical role in contributing to the economic effectiveness of animal production as feed supplements at sub-therapeutic doses, to imp...
Author/s :
Cyril Gerard GayFang ChiHyun LillehojMariano Fernandez MiyakawaRon Cravenssungtaek ohYanhong Liu
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