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German Davalos
The North American Renderers Association (NARA), headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, was formed in 1933 as the professional organization of the rendering industry. NARA is an alliance that speaks with a collective voice to represent the best interests of its members in public, government and ...
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Video published on March 26, 2024
Rendering is a vital part of sustainable agricultural production. Renderers take the parts of animals that North Americans choose not to utilize and make them into valuable products like livestock feed, pet food, biofuel, fertilizer, and other industrial products. The truth about rendering is much different than you may have been told.
Article published the March 22, 2024
Rendering involves repurposing animal co-products that would otherwise be discarded. It converts the parts of a meat animal we choose not to eat into stable, usable materials such as fuel, pet food, and livestock feed, creating a highly sustainable alternative.Below, learn more about products made from rendered materials in detail. You can discover even more by listening to the North American Rend ...
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Article published the March 22, 2024
Short Answer: Rendering is RecyclingIt’s a process that repurposes co-products(also called by-products) that would otherwise go to waste from the “meat we don’t eat.” By rendering specific materials that many North American consumers would consider inedible, such as certain fats, bones and proteins, renderers provide clean and safe rendered material used to develop sustaina ...
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March 1, 2024
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