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Article published the March 11, 2020:

Effects of corn kernel hardness and grain drying conditions on particle size when grinding using a roller mill or hammermill

Author/s :
Adam FahrenholzEdgar O. Oviedo-RondónHernan Alejandro CórdovaIván Camilo Ospina-RojasLina María Peñuela SierraViviana San MartínYilmar Andres Matta
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Article published the March 9, 2020:

NIRS analysis to assess the nutritional value of two corn hybrids dried at different temperatures: a comparative analysis between laboratories

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) is nowadays a common tool to analyze the nutritional content of feedstuffs. Corn hybrids and drying temperatures could affect the nutritional value of the grain. It...
Author/s :
Edgar O. Oviedo-RondónHernan Alejandro CórdovaIván Camilo Ospina-RojasLina María Peñuela SierraViviana San Martínyilmar andres matta
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Article published the December 5, 2019:

Understanding Corn Variability for Broilers

Corn kernel hardness is an important agronomic trait that could be affected by environmental conditions and post-harvest practices such as drying and storage. This dissertation discuss current literature relate...
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Hernan Alejandro Córdova
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Article published the July 23, 2019:

Performance of broiler chickens offered nutritionally-equivalent diets based on two red grain sorghums with quantified kafirin concentrations as intact pellets or re-ground mash following steam-pelleting at 65 or 97°C conditioning temperatures

1. Introduction Sorghum has been described as an enigmatic grain for chicken meat production because sorghum-based broiler diets have been associated with sub-optimal performance of chickens under Australian c...
Author/s :
Dr Sonia Yun LiuDr. Peter SelleHa Truong
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Article published the February 27, 2019:

Extraction and Characterization of Starch Fractions of Five Phenotypes Pachyrhizus tuberosus (Lam.) Spreng

1. Introduction Starch and its derivatives are used as ingredients and it is the main component in bakery products. It is also added in low quantities as additives to improve the sensory characteristics of a...
Author/s :
Luz Haydee Bravo
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Article published the December 3, 2018:

Cereal extrusion technology for small food processing enterprises

Author/s :
Dr. Mian N.Riaz
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Article published the November 6, 2018:

Effect of feed form, pellet diameter and enzymes supplementation on growth performance and nutrient digestibility of broiler during days 21-37 of age

Introduction The efficient use of feed is extremely important in broiler production. Investigations have to be continued to decrease cost of broiler production and improve broiler performance. Pellet feed has ...
Author/s :
Youssef Attia
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Article published the July 26, 2018:

The effect of feed processing technology on the safety of feed

The main factors affecting the safety of feed include the quality of feed raw materials, the safe storage of feed raw materials, the control of the quantity of various additives in formula, the control of artif...
Author/s :
Jane Shen
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Article published the June 14, 2018:

Optimal grinding

An optimal grinding requires the right amount of intake of air, which is cleaned in the nozzle filters. This also guarantees an economic use of the hammer mill. The air is necessary to quickly transport the fin...
Author/s :
Gabriela Chiric
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Article published the June 7, 2018:

A Review of Pellets from Different Sources

1. Introduction In January 2014, the European Union presented some climate and energy targets to achieve in 2030 [1], which imply more contribution of renewable energies to the energy mix, although with a post...
Author/s :
Teresa Miranda
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