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Article published the January 7, 2021:

Stocking density, survival rate and growth performance feed utilization and economic evaluation of Litopenaeus vannamei (Boon, 1931) in different cultured shrimp farms in Suez Canal Region

INTRODUCTION The increasing global population and the limiting global capture fisheries undeniably increase the demand of aquaculture. On the other hand, those will also bring about limitation to aquaculture e...
Author/s :
Abdelhamid Eid
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Article published the January 6, 2021:

Effects of Melatonin and Allium sativum (garlic) on Dibutyl Phthalate Induced Oxidative Stress on Serum Hormones and Lipid Profile of Rabbit Bucks

1. INTRODUCTION Several studies have linked declining reproduction especially male fertility to toxicants found in the environment, particularly endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), such as phthalates (Won...
Author/s :
Dr. Samuel Uchenna FelixTagang Aluwong
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Article published the December 14, 2020:

Caecal Microbial Population of Growing Grass Cutters (Thyronoyms Swinderianus) Fed Phyllantus Amarus and Pilogstigma Thonngii Leaf Meal Mixture as Partial Replacement for Soya Bean Meal

INTRODUCTION One of the important cardinals of management is feeding and it accounts for 50-70% cost of production (Peter and Bern, 2013) but there has recently been an increase in competition among the ingred...
Author/s :
Alagbe olujimi John
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Article published the December 4, 2020:

Effects of AminoGut and Diet Formulation Approach on Growth Performance and Economic Return in Nursery Pigs

Introduction Glutamine is considered a non-essential amino acid for young pigs and is important for optimum health and function of the enterocytes in the small intestine. Glutamate is an important compound in ...
Author/s :
Bob GoodbandDr. Joel DeRoucheyJason WoodworthMárcio GonçalvesMike Tokach Steve Dritz
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Article published the November 26, 2020:

Creatine for animal feeds. 10 key facts

Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) as a source of creatine. 1. Creatine is a naturally occurring component in the body of animals and is a critical component in energy metabolism. 2. In contrast to other nutrients, c...
Author/s :
Cadogan, D.J
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Article published the October 15, 2020:

Use of nonlinear programming to determine the economically optimal energy density in laying hens diet during phase 2

DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM  The main interests of animal nutritionists are in biology, not econometrics. As a result, the economic interpretation of feeding practices has practically been ignored in animal nu...
Author/s :
Mohammad Afrouziyeh
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Article published the October 7, 2020:

Exploring the nutritional potential of L-methionine in fish nutrition

INTRODUCTION Like other animal production systems, aquaculture has developed into a highly globalized trade-dependent industry, therefore as global fish farming continues to increase, the need for formulating ...
Author/s :
Bruno MarottaIván Camilo Ospina-RojasRamalho RodrigueiroTatiana Garcia Diaz
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Article published the September 11, 2020:

Effect of Diet Complexity and Specialty Protein Source on Nursery Pig Performance

Introduction Soybean meal is one of the most readily available and economical protein sources commonly fed to pigs. Due to a number of anti-nutritional factors, its inclusion in newly weaned pig diets has been...
Author/s :
Bob GoodbandDr. Joel DeRoucheyJason WoodworthMike Tokach Steve Dritz
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Article published the September 9, 2020:

Effect of different inclusion levels of whole corn from 14 to 42 days on productive and processing performance of broilers

Author/s :
Charles StarkeyWilmer Pacheco
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Article published the September 8, 2020:

Growth performance, anti-oxidative status, innate immunity, and ammonia stress resistance of Siganus rivulatus fed diet supplemented with zinc and zinc nanoparticles

1. Introduction Siganids (rabbitfishes) are a small family of algaevorous fish that inhabit the tropical and subtropical waters of the Middle East and Indo-Pacific region (Saoud et al., 2007). The marbled spin...
Author/s :
Ahmed Sallam
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