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Do You Know Five Fixing of Wood Chip Dryer?

Do You Know Five Fixing of Wood Chip Dryer?
Do You Know Five Fixing of Wood Chip Dryer?
Do You Know Five Fixing of Wood Chip Dryer?
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zhengzhou, Henan [Honan] , China

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To make wood chip dryer work high-efficiently and safely, engineers of Fote Machinery have “five fixing” . The “five fixing” refers to the fixed point, fixed quality, fixed amount, fixed time and fixed person. The explanation starts from the fixed amount. The fixed amount has two aspects. One is the oil consumption and the other is oil feeding. Both of them should be in order but not in casual. The oil used is for lubricating work.

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Fixed person refers to arrange operating worker, maintenance worker and lubricating worker. These workers should be responsible for their own work. As to the fixed point, it refers to the parts in wood chip dryer requiring lubrication. For fixed time, it refers to the period for adding and changing oil. The oil addition and change should be regular. Fixed quality refers to the quality of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil should be qualified, at first and foremost.

Heating efficiency of wood shavings dryer is greatly related with the hot wind. Different from other dryers like sand dryer and coal dryer, wood chip dryer takes smaller floor space. To design it like this is actually for accelerating the flowing speed of hot wind and improving the heating efficiency of wood chip dryer. Materials in wood chip dryer do not move repeatedly, so they are quickly brought away and dried by hot wind. By adjusting the speed of hot wind, you can directly change the heating strength of fire.

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