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Critical Issues in Oil Seed Preparation - Josef Barbi

Published: March 26, 2019
Josef Barbi, president of E.S.E. & Intec, U.S.A., explains part of the process and preparation of oilseeds, as some key points of the mechanical extraction processing technology, during IPPE 2019
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Mark Heimann
CPM – California Pellet Mill
9 de abril de 2019

Thank you, Josef, for a very accurate description of the importance of the preparation steps ahead of mechanical or solvent extraction.

A good pre-cleaning system not only improves the quality of the finished goods and reduces wear throughout the plant, but will also increase the storage capacity of the plant and reduce energy consumption by not heating/drying/elevating/conveying low value products through the process.

There are advantages to dehulling of soybeans even when high protein/low fiber meal is not the target. Removing hulls before conditioning and flaking will also reduce energy consumption, minimize wear, and enhance the capacity of the flaking and extraction process. The hulls can always be added back at the tail end of the process when the meal market will tolerate low protein/high fiber meal.

Proper conditioning and flaking cannot be overlooked as key elements in the extraction process. The difference of 0.5% oil recovery can easily result in a $2,000,000 difference in the bottom line of a plant operation.

After extraction, proper meal processing including drying, cooling, and sizing can allow a processor to offer a premium quality product at premium prices, or struggle to compete against other "me too" commodity processors.

Dr. Md. Robiul Islam (dvm)
28 de abril de 2019
Very nice description ..Thank You .
Christopher Brathwaite
Roberts Manufacturing Company ( Pinnacle Feeds )
16 de abril de 2019

As simple as stated it is true and real, that additional oil, drain profit or give an option to charge more for the meal because of the added value. Yes because that is just what it is giving more to the Agri community that consumes your product-which is all of us. If this value is passed on without added charges, it can be seen as a benefit that has myriads of positive spin-off effects.

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