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Wood Particle Pellet Mills/Wood Shavings Pellet Mill/Fote Wood Particle Pellet Machine

Wood Particle Pellet Mills/Wood Shavings Pellet Mill/Fote Wood Particle Pellet Machine
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Los Angeles, California, United States

Product Description

Application Fields:

1. Wood shavings pellet mill is applicable to all stoves, which is suitable for rural, urban and family units. It is the necessary fuel for cooking, heating, bathing and boiler, especially essential for the biomass power plants;

2. Wood particle has small shape and hard texture, which is convenient for placing and distribution. It is the excellent fuel for potter fired, brick and tile factory, smelting chemical, etc;

3. The Wood shaving bricks ash after combustion is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and other elements, which is the top thermal organic fertilizer. After processing, the nanometer silica dioxide and ferric oxide extracted from the ash is also very popular in the market.

Market and Advantage of Wood Shavings Pellet Mill

The superiority of wood pellets and the drawbacks of raw wood material such as logs are clear to almost all of us. Low moisture content, high bulk density, high fuel value, renewable and eco-friendly characteristics make wood pellets and wood pellet press machine more and more popular on the market. Since wood pellets possess a higher hulk density, they are easy to store, cost less to transport and it also make the fuel more efficient when burning. Besides, wood pellets have no visible smoke at all during the burning. Because of all these advantages, more families prefer to buy small pellet press to make small scale wood pellets at home.


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