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Why not Select Wood Pellet Machine for Your item?

Why not Select Wood Pellet Machine for Your item?
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Along with the rapid development of biomass energy industry in China, manufacturers of biomass energy equipment are countless. As one manufacturer, Fote Heavy Machinery makes continuous efforts to research and develop more advanced heavy machinery being used for biomass energy improvement with the feature of stable performance. Today we will discuss two concepts: Wood pellet mill and straw pellet mill.

As a primary part of wood pellet machine, the die can directly influence the discharging performance. During the working process of wood pellet mill, the mold is continuously abraded by the rolling and extruding of material and press roller. The poor performance of the battered mold greatly influences the working efficiency and molding quality of the wood pellet making machine. Thus it is of great concern to select appropriate mold.

Taking the agricultural straws or sawdust as the main raw material, users can utilize the straw pellet mill to produce cylindrical pellets being used as biomass fuels or animal fodders. Along with the national support for the research and development of biomass machinery, more and more people are gradually familiar with the characteristics and utilizing methods of rice husk pellet mill and straw pellet making machine.


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