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Where can i buy Alfalfa/Lucerne Hay

Where can i buy Alfalfa/Lucerne Hay
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Middelburg, Cape Province, South Africa

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Good day Everyone,and welcome to First Choice Farmers Pty Ltd,solution to your livestock
and poultry feeds.We have Animal feed available for the following type of animals:
Sheep,goat and cattle, Chicken feed (Starter,Grower,Finisher)
Chic chic for small baby Chickens,Pig Grower and Pig feed
Lucerne Hay/Alfalfa Hay And a whole lot more
The bags are 40KG in weight...Discounts prices available for bulk orders
and we also welcome small orders. Contact us to place your order:
*CALLS:(+27) 655825586
*WHATSAPP:(+27) 655825586/(+27) 655825586

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